Council of Ministers

Center for Prevention and Countering
Corruption and Organized Crime


Partner Collaboration is a main point of the "BORKOR Concept". With the sharing experience of various Project Partners coming from the Civil Society, State Institutions, Economy and Media the BORKOR activities contributes a high level of Transparency. Transparency and Continuity of collaborative, open minded way of working together motivate the Re-establishment of Civil Trust in governmental actions concerning Prevention and Suppression of Corruption.

Foundations, societies, communes, companies, international organizations and other potential partners are always welcome to discuss their ideas of collaboration and to support the project with their specific knowledge and know-how. Using the contributions of all domains vulnerable to corruption could be developed overall measures which enclose a wide range of corruption and a variety of its appearance. A special goal of Partner Collaboration is to learn from each other and to go new ways of suppression of corruption.


A successful collaboration with the Center could endure on the steady basis of Moral Principles. All participants should claim to consent as one. With our actions and decisions we want to reach a high level of Moral Requirements which will carry out seriously the project in the society.

The Basics of these requirements are included in our Code of Ethics which presents the Moral Ground for Collaboration Policy. All collaborators focus their actions following it. Most of our project partners are actively collaborating on the proceeding to develop measures and can access important project information and documentation. The applying strategy aiming Prevention and Suppression of Corruption and Organized Crime will be carried out also by State Institutions and NGOs (Transparency, Motivation and Collaboration). It is a special intention of the project that Collaborators disposing with Relevant Information could Share it on a Web 2.0 platform (Extranet) accessible to any of them, in the corresponding form defined beforehand. The Results of the BORKOR Analyses will also be exposed on it and Shared with the Project Partners.