Council of Ministers

Center for Prevention and Countering
Corruption and Organized Crime


The Center for Prevention und Suppression of Corruption and Organized Crime (CPSCOC) is a body corporate and a secondary receiver of budget credits. The Center was founded as a premise for the realization of the BORKOR project at the Council of Ministers. The goal of the BORKOR project concept is an innovative development of solution models for methodic and efficient application of the governmental strategy for Prevention und Suppression of Corruption and Organized Crime. The relation of BORKOR to the Center is comparable to the relation of software to hardware.

The setup of the Center was concluded per regulation by the Council of Ministers at July 29th 2010 and was enacted during 2011 after securing the organizational, financial and legal basic conditions. After the direction of the new institution was appointed mid February 2011 by the Prime Minister a Task Force unit was set up. The unit was assigned to run all necessary measures to realize the BORKOR project.

Project Tasks and Goals

The Center is assigned to support the legislative, judicative and executive power in Bulgaria. It has to develop specific Intervention Systems to coordinate suppression of corruption and organized crime following the project. The Intervention Systems are to be regarded as a complex whole of measure components and packages which in combination with synchronized single measures aims commensurable efficient results, mostly focused on prevention of corruption.

To reach the goals an established standard of the German government for setting and controlling of complex projects (V-Modell XT®) is to be used. It will run and control all the working procedures within the Center and will secure the required quality of results.

An important part to reach its aims is the partner collaboration concept. We want to win project partners based on shared ethical values who will collaborate with us aiming the successful realization of the Center projects. Through its ongoing collaboration with project partner as well as with state agencies and NGOs the Center brings an active contribution to the development of civil society inBulgaria. The action of the Center aiming suppression of corruption has also another positive effect. The application of innovative technologies will modernize obsolete administration structures transforming them into efficient ones and could give an important contribution this way to the modernizing trends of Bulgaria.

What performs the Center?

The Center collects and registers information from all domains sensitive to corruption, evaluates the data and elaborates Weak Points of Corruption and Organized Crime using complex analyses. It has an analytic and a consultative function developing System Secure Solution Models on demand. The Center supports this way all institutions dealing with actions vulnerable to corruption. There are more than 50 scientific methods to be applied. Some of them are developed specially for the action goals in Bulgaria.

The Center is not an operatively active structure. No classified data or any person-related data should be used. No highly sensitive information or even indices concerning corruption, immediately relevant for investigation procedures are to be worked on. This is the relevant difference between the Center and all the other institutions dealing with actions against corruption. Main goal of the Center is to develop overall commensurable and efficient prevention measures with an ongoing impact.