Council of Ministers

Center for Prevention and Countering
Corruption and Organized Crime

Code of Ethics

Interest in the Success of the Center

All collaborators and project partners have an Honest Interest in the Prevention and Suppression of Corruption and Organized Crime inBulgaria. Corresponding to their Availability they wish to Support actively the Center and Contribute to its Success. Personal Integrity Plausibility of Project Goals and Prestige of the Center depend on every Personal Action. Therefore every single action should be in compliance with the Basic Human Values of Honesty and Sincerity.

Respect and Dignity among each other

All collaborators and project partner are to be Equally Respected independently from Status, Religion, Gender or Nationality. Respecting each others dignity is absolutely necessary. We have a sensitive respect to Bulgarian History and Culture as well as to the Values of Communication.

Social Responsibility

All collaborators and project partner know that they take a high level of Social Responsibility. We do our best aiming the Prosperity of Society and subordinate our own interest to the Common Welfare.

Respecting Rules and Regulations of State Law

All collaborators and project partner respect the Validity of National and International Laws and support with their personal orientation the State Guidelines of Constitutional Democracy inBulgaria.

Mutual Trust

All collaborators and project partner trust each other supported by Open Minded and Honest Communications. We respect especially this point as an important premise to develop further a necessary Freedom of Action which contributes to the Common Success of the Center.