Council of Ministers

Center for Prevention and Countering
Corruption and Organized Crime

Events’ chronology

In the activities up to now there are two different projects to be highlighted (see Overview). 1) Setup of the Center - the project brings the framework premises for the realization of the „BORKOR Concept". 2) Setting the project for the development of an Intervention System against Corruption in Public Procurement - the project plans a combined e-government solution with modular platforms. The following Chronology highlights the activities up to now concerning the Center development on the one side, and the BORKOR project measures on the other side.



  • Jan. 2013 - Starting regular work with delivering the Technical Infrastructure from PMO (Project Management Office) to the Center
  • Dec. 2012 - Finalizing the development of Technical Infrastructure; Infrastructure test period
  • July 2012 - Prototype of the Technical Infrastructure starts working; Technical Analysis concerning the development of "e-Government Public Procurement" starts working as well

II. Development Period (Technical Infrastructure)

  • 10.04.2012- Homepage Release
  • 27.03.2012 - First Press Conference of the BORKOR project
  • 05.03.2012- Vocational Training of Analysts starts
  • 22.02.2012 - Presentation of the Solution Model „e-Government Public Procurement" in front of the Consultative Council and Assignment of the Development of an Intervention System following the Solution Model „e-Government Public Procurement"
  • 01.10.2011 - Setting up a Project Office to coordinate and develop the Technical Infrastructure
  • Sep. 2011 - Second Meeting of the Consultative Council and Assignment of collaboration with other state structures; Appointment to set a Solution Model following the "BORKOR principle" for Public Procurement.
  • Aug. 2011 - Move in the building and Technical Setup being started

I. Development Period (Staff and Organization Infrastructure)

  • 22.06.2011 - Constituent Meeting of the Consultative Council
  • 15.05.2011 - Adoption of a Staff Plan
  • May 2011 - Court Registering; Setting bank accounts; Take over of the Building and starting construction, technical and organizational activities concerning the moving-in preparations. A report to the European Commission; Job Offering procedure for the Setup of a „Project Management Office" (PMO)
  • April 2011 - Setting Staff to fill in the necessary positions in the general administration (Staff, Law, Security, Technical equipment, IT etc.); Elaborating a Staff Plan and a Statute of the Consultative Council
  • Mar. 2011 - A Task Force Unit takes over the responsibility for the development of the Center and the realization of the "BORKOR Concept".

A Preparation Period

  • 17.02.2011 - Nomination of a Director and his Deputies
  • Jan. 2011 - Working out a selection procedure concept for employees
  • 30.11.2010 - Council of Ministers confirms the Internal Rules and Regulations (Regulation 280)
  • Oct.-Nov. 2010 - Draft of Internal Rules and Regulations, Planning and Adoption of a budget
  • 27.07.2010 - Regulation 158 of the Council of Ministers confirms the Setup of the Center as an autonomous body at the Council of Ministers
  • June 2010 - Checking legal, organizational and financial framework premises for the realization of the "BORKOR Model"
  • November 2009 - Governmental release of a National Strategy for Prevention and Suppression of Corruption and Organized Crime inBulgaria