Council of Ministers

Center for Prevention and Countering
Corruption and Organized Crime

Tasks of the Consultative Council

The Consultative Council leads methodically the activities of the Center. Chairman of the Consultative Council is Vice Premier and Minister of the Interior, Tsvetan Tsvetanov.

The Consultative Council:

  • Approves Strategic Guidelines concerning the work of the Center;
  • Gives Statements concerning the Working-out of new projects;
  • Receives gradually the results of the separate projects worked out;
  • Approves finally the Results of the executed projects as well as the Offers and Solutions related to the projects;
  • Receives an Yearly Report concerning the work of the Center;
  • Adopts Rules and Regulations for its own activities.

Decisions of the Consultative Council will be taken by consensus.

NGO representatives take part in the sessions of the Consultative Council when invited by its Chairman.